Vehicle Counting – Video Analytic in Jakarta

On October 12th, 2016. Lamjaya Team goes to Jakarta where there is a specific requirement.

the client have video analytic requirement, which need to make a database of all vehicle enter the Main Gate.

on regular day, the average vehicle can reach up to 500 Small to Medium four wheels vehicle, and 1000 motorcycle.

the number get triples when it come to holiday seasons.


The Management needs to make a database from the use of video analytic to vehicle counting for managerial informations.

Lamjaya teams, pack with 4 people goes there and do the installations for 2 well known brands from Panasonic and Dallmeier. For the Analytic Software we use NUUO

The installation is not easy because we need to put the camera in the tip of the building and facing towards the Main Gate and Main road.

With the Use of CAT-5 UTP Cable and POE Switch, we manage to finish the wiring process.

The NUUO Analytic Software is the installed on a Core i5 Workstations, equipped with dedicated Video Graphic and 4Gb of RAM.



Until now, we still on doing adjustment for better quality. To make sure all requirement needed can be fullfiled.

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