Smart Flame Detection Camera, The Early Stage of Fire Detection

Kamera CCTV Deteksi Api; Solusi Deteksi Api; Pencegahan Dini Sebelum Api Menjadi Kebakaran Besar

Fire detection CCTV camera for early prevention before a small fire becomes a big fire/Freepik – edited by Lamjaya Inovasi Komputindo

Recently, the news of big fires which is quite detrimental is often heard, such as the fire at the Graha Mustika Ratu building and the fire at Pertamina Balongan refinery.

We are constantly innovating to find solutions that can reduce this fire problem to a minimum. Smart Flame Detection Camera, also known as the Fire Detection CCTV Camera, is a solution that can be used as the first layer of protection before the Smoke Detector and Fire Sprinkler.

Smart Flame Detection Camera is a CCTV camera with a fire detection sensor, which has the function of detecting the flame, then giving an alarm to the officer to immediately extinguish the fire before it becomes a big fire.

Specifications of Smart Flame Detection Camera

  • Has two usage functions, as a surveillance camera and fire detection
  • Can detect fire within 30 meters (fire height 1.5m), viewing angle 80˚
  • There is an alarm feature if the camera detects a fire, detection time in seconds (distance and size of fire adjusts)
  • FHD video quality 30fps, that can record sharper images
  • Support Onvif that easily integrates with existing security systems

Diagram of how the camera works

The way this camera works is very simple, the camera detecting a fire, then sending video data to the Network Recording Server (NVR), and from monitoring TV sending an alarm warning message if there is a fire.

We have done some tests on this camera to find out how big a fire is needed within a certain distance to be detected.

Fire Detect Demo Test Data

The distance between the camera and the fire is matters, because this camera uses a fire sensor. The farther the fire distance, of course the height and width of the fire must be bigger. Like the example image above, to be able to detect a fire from a match. The maximum distance is only 2 meters from the camera.

But when compared to a Smoke Detector or Fire Sprinkle, this camera is the earliest layer of protection before an enlarged fire hits the Smoke Detector or Fire Sprinkle lights up. Then we can extinguish the fire independently, before it becomes a big fire which needs to ask help of local firefighters.

For night or no light conditions, it does not affect the sensitivity of the fire detection sensor. The detection results at night are the same as during the day or in the light. This Smart Flame Detection Camera is ready to answer you if there is a fire for 7×24 hours.

Smart Flame Detection Camera video demonstration

Smart Flame Detection Camera video demonstration

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