POS System with CCTV System integrations

POS System with CCTV System integrations

We at lamjaya, we integrate system combinationsPOS (Point of Sales) POS System and CCTV System integrations.

in simple words, lamjaya is combining the CCTV footage with the input data captured from the POS machine. The same pressed button on the POS Machine is captured. and as a result, the CCTV recording footage will also contain the input from POS machine.

Why do should we integrate the POS System with CCTV System ?

Some question might showed up.. how can it be important to do such integration?
Let us make some illustrations.

A Cafe gave special discount for every woman whom shop in the cafe and aged more than 50 years old. The Woman get 10% discount for every apple juice bought. The normal price of apple juice is $20 each. so the woman only have to pay $18.

A cheated manager making a fraud, by keep selling the apple juice with the price of $20 and keep the $2 for himself.

Every day the cafe sell 100 apple juice, and the cheating manager gets, $200 per day by doing that, without being noticed by the owner.

With the use of System Integration with POS and CCTV System, the owner can trace all input transaction including the pushed button on POS machine and the CCTV Footage.

System Illustration as Follow

POS and CCTV System Integrations
POS and CCTV System Integrations

System Benefit
– Increase surveillance to physical areas
– Increase surveillance to staff who access the POS Machine.
– Reduce the fraud potention.
– Help tracing all transaction on the POS Machine
– etc

If you want to know more about this system, please contact us at mail :admin@lamjaya.co.id


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