CCTV Surveillance and Fire Detection At The Same Time

Dome Flame Detection CCTV Camera mounted on the ceiling/Lamjaya Inovasi Komputindo

In helping to reduce damage and casualties to a building caused by fire. We present Smart Flame Detection Camera products or CCTV cameras that have a fire detection sensor installed.

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This camera has two functions at once, CCTV surveillance and fire detection simultaneously. With fire detection sensor, this camera can detect the wavelength of the fire. Then notify the operator with a video pop-up on the monitor screen and a siren alarm also can be added, so the officers can respond earlier when a fire is caught by the sensor.

Cameras that use video analytics to detect fire based on different shapes and colors, it will different with cameras use fire detection sensors. Smart Flame Detection Camera is made to be more accurate in detecting fire and drastically minimizing false alarms because it uses a fire detection sensor.

Infographic : Smart Flame Detection Camera

It would be more advantageous to be on guard before a small fire causes a big fire and it is too late to put it out early. Even though we don’t know when a fire will break out, it’s better to prevent than to cure, isn’t it? Besides it, this camera can function continuously as a surveillance camera.

CCTV Surveillance Video and Fire Detection at the same time Indoor.

Fire Prevention Videos with Fire Detection CCTV Cameras/Lamjaya Inovasi Komputindo

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