Early Fire Prevention with Smart Flame Detection CCTV Camera

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Key Features of Fire Detection CCTV Cameras/Lamjaya Inovasi Komputindo

Planning a protection system for fire prevention is something that must be prepared. You can avoid major damage and losses to your buildings and valuable assets by using a fire alarm system. Knowing that your assets are well secured, makes you as the owner will always feel calm and building users will always feel safe.

To maximize the safety of your building, we have a solution that combines CCTV Cameras with Fire Detection Sensors. Has two functions at once, as a surveillance camera and fire detection. There is already a fire alarm system inside. And it’s easy to integrate with any NVR (Network Video Recorder) / VMS (Video Management System), provided that support Onvif.

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Smart Flame Detection Camera; Fire Alarm; Fire Detection; CCTV Video Monitoring

The alarm appears on the monitor screen in red, if the camera detects a fire/Lamjaya Inovasi Komputindo

So when the camera detects a fire, the system will give an alarm. Then a video pop-up according to the location of the incident on the monitor screen. So we can quickly locate the fire, and extinguish them immediately before they get bigger.

Infographic : Smart Flame Detection

This solution can be called an early stage fire detection tool before the fire hits Smoke Detector or Fire Sprinkler. But don’t forget to always provide a Fire Extinguisher in every room. To make it easier to put out a small fire quickly before a fire breaks out.

Smart Flame Detection Camera Video Demonstration

Smart Flame Detection Camera Video Demonstration

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